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April 16, 2018

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5 Things That Should Never Go Down the Storm Drain

June 5, 2017



The storm sewer is a system designed to carry rainfall runoff and other drainage. It is not designed to carry sewage or accept hazardous wastes. The runoff is carried in underground pipes or open ditches and discharges untreated into local streams, rivers and other surface water bodies that eventually reach the water supply. Here are the 5 things you should never put down the storm drain:


Motor Oil: Here is a no brainer. After you repair any leaks and drips from your vehicle collect and recycle your used motor oil. Let’s keep our landscape beautiful.


Paints: Paints should go on your walls, not in the drains. And even though it might look cool, multicolored water bodies hurt the fishys.


Common Household Cleaning Products: Dumping household cleaners such as bleach down the storm drain may be tempting, especially when you are trying to keep your trash cans sanitary, but it is not meant to be dumped into the storm drain.


Pet Poop: Don’t be that guy who throws their dog’s poop in the storm drain. The bacteria from the waste is not something we want spreading.


Herbicides and Pesticides: Limiting herbicide and pesticide use is one way to keep these chemicals out of our water. These chemicals inevitably runoff from sprinklers and rain onto the curb then into the storm drain.


Having a clean environment is of primary importance for our health and economy. Clean waterways provide recreation, commercial opportunities, fish habitat, and add beauty to our landscape. All of us benefit from clean water - and all of us have a role in getting and keeping our lakes, rivers, wetlands, and groundwater clean


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